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7 Layer Dip + Fourth Dimensions

The layering of thoughts is so serenely chaotic.On one hand, it leaves no room for space, or at least space utilized for the utilization of not (what is space? Space.).On the other, it perhaps connects the many Electrons across this void of Time into which a thought may take place.As time continues in a forward-like state of motion, there seems a slight conundrum of this order: without a Past, there would not exist a Future.In the Present arena of Time, where we now undolefully resign our habitat of attention, we ARE.We are Being.(From the same strain of thought as this delightful word that most recently greeted me, “Isness”, it is most definitely remote, I really do love it).As we are thinking on the Future, hopefully not for extended durations of this H.G. Wells Time Machine as it usually takes us (why must the Eloi always beg of us so?), we suddenly become inhibited with a Past…for it must carry over, pass by, in order for us to think on the Future.Our Present is massacred, or put …

Somewhere Within the Rainbow

There are moments in this life when our destined confusion subsides a gap for clarity beyond repair.Spaces in time where the compiled moments of the Past and Present flow become connected, almost bridged-within one would say, in a way where human language no longer has the authority to transcend descriptive meaning.Moments where the timing of light, appearance, and soul-structured phenomena indeed appear to be guided by an Invisible Hand of which we can only fully live to explore…it is to these moments in which faith knows its existence and continuation…for “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” seems like the only explanation worth offering.
Over the past few months of contemplative awareness, my mind has blown into these gaps far more frequently than ever before.Oh!How the drifting of gas molecules contains me so…for when appearing in our minds as a Rainbow of Light in the morning storm when Enlightenment is most serene, we must wonder if this Invisible Ha…

Endangered Monks

There happens to be a species of seal called the Hawaiian Monk, or llio-holo-i-ka-uaua, (“dog that runs in rough water” as the Hawaiians say) that has been endangered here on the islands since 1976.One of the only species native to Hawaii, 'Monk' seals are known for their likewise characteristic: a life of utter Solitude.

Down at Sandy Beach, one of the more popular surfing spots on this side of the island, I was happily basking in Emily Dickinson’s flit and flow of poetry while glancing at the riders out in the distance of a regular surf, when a large, dark creature came frolicking out of the water from the section of the beach right in front of me.The tourists, who always have a way of being camera-ready went absolutely fanatic!I, simply wondering if Emily Dickinson had indeed transported me into her beloved world of nature more literally than expected, watched the scene unfold as this Hawaiian Monk Seal (named Buster as I later came to find out), continued his dance up the s…

To the Man in the Bed Sheet Hammock

On the southern embankment of Koko Head Crater, a trail ghosting the old railroad shadows views of the Haunama Bay shoreline and the extensions continued parallel Kalanianaole Highway (if you have ever driven Highway 101 up the Oregon Coastline, just add 3 dimensions to the crayon turquoise, 20 degrees Fahrenheit, volcanic ‘leftovers’ and massive surf culture and you could be here in under five senses).Upon bumming up this vertical slope with a full Nalgene (sometimes two if the sun is feeling mischievous), my own homemade blend of roasted cinnamon and Truvia blended walnuts for power fuel and my Moleskine pages, I have found that the best time to experience the purity of description begins around 5:45 p.m. Hawaiian Time...for here on the island, the sunset still remains a mystery to me.It encroaches the horizon unlike anywhere I have seen, usually two hours earlier than Idaho at least, but in a way that teases you, for unlike what I assumed (huf! How we always assume too much! What g…

Bus 142: Alaska Bound, Alaska Found

In Christianity, the beginning of Time was birthed by the choice of man; man choosing knowledge, choosing power over the own Creation of his soul.As this choice was made, the closing of our spiritual eyes and the beginning of Time became our reality.Thus Time, or “a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present to the future” was born.We must wonder what the world looks like without the restrictions of Time…
Spiritual leaders who have originated in all walks of life, such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, and countless others, allow us to realize the immensity in which life connects itself to all other life.(There must be a reason why all good ideas are repeated over and over and over again through classic literature, theatre, motion picture, our own minds…they have always, and will always Exists.We in turn are only able to look at them in different groupings, different light, different Time.This is why friends are often our angels of Light- more to come la…

Zen Me.

While pondering the Way of these curious Samurai these past few days, I found myself stumbling across a small, personally well-worn book on Zen Buddhism down at the Hawaii Kai library book sale for the most frugal price of 25 well-spent cents.  Of course, like all devout readers most assuredly do (even they do not yet know it) I believe that we do not neccesarily 'find' the books that we choose to read, They Find Us.  And after years of skimming thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets, today was no different.  It found me.

Upon my adventure into such curious thought, I felt myself flipping back through the last six months of my own thought books.  Had I been living a Zen-filled "Way" without my personal knowing?  First of all, Zen is a subcatergory of Buddhism that gathers both the simple and the devout in many different parts of the world, first originating in China during the 6th century.  Unlike regular Buddhism, Zen does not adhere to reincarnation, karm, or n…

More on The Thought Between

The space that exists between our thoughts is where we become Present in each moment.It is the time frame between our memories and our future.It is where the Flow of the world thrives.And it is where love in its purest form exists.

"The Gap Between Thoughts is where the mind stands still.  No thoughts exist in this space....Spiritual teachers tell us not just to recognize it, but to Be in It.  It is where yourmind can experience present moment awarenes." -Evelyn Lim What does it mean to know the spirituality of a wave, a sunset, a wind?  Are we as human beings able to consciously instigate this?   How does “Going Outside” (as well as music, art, poetry, human movement etc.) allow us to tap into this feeling that life feels like it aspires to?  Is Nature 'living' fully in the Present moment and Flow of life?  Are we not a part of this same Flow (the Whole: God)?

These moments are what allow us to se a power far greater than our collective imagination.These momentary glim…

Take These Thoughts by Chris and Thomas

With the Moon

It is high tide.  As the gravitation
of the waves exert serene barricade
against the Makapu'u coastline,
I sit.  Here.  Knowing that
without barriers, We too,
are as the water:
The breath of Life and Death.

"Way of the Warrior"

In the Samurai’s Bushido, or “Way of the Warrior”, nobility was a way of life.Emphasizing “frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death” were the main characteristics for this moral code.(“When the cause is great, victory is that much sweeter”).This chivalric philosophy, stemming from Zen Buddhism and Confucianism, seems to balance Self Discipline and a Freedom of the Mind with a hard ease.Honor above all else.In this day and age, I like to believe that the Samurai’s Bushido can still be applied to modern philosophy. But I feel we must first define what it is that we are actually fighting for.(For the Samurai it was the right to protect their people, to give loyalty to their master and to adhere to their way of life.For us- (should we even have to pause to think about this answer?)?)

When a Samurai became disloyal to the Bushido it was punishable by death.One sword plunge into the stomach traced up and into the heart was considered an honorable way to die among warrio…

Shouldering the Curve

Upon prior investigation into the realm of the human mind on motivation, a table has turned.  For some, a cliche rising of motion propelled forward to a "betterment" is what best drives our decisions of every day life.  Discipline, clear goals, ambition, the works...for others (in passing conversation), the motivation to do "absolutely nothing" (to make enough money to be able to "sit" on) takes the helm.  ("What about the people who make money to help people?"). Although, tending to fall in the prior category of allusion, I must question whether or not the purpose behind the forward drive of mankind (of choosing a self-propelled internship over a Peace Corps assignment- where the helping of people is both immediate and self gratifying at the same time) is not in some way inching toward the peak of the mountain where the other slope downward will soon start.  I fail to believe that success takes on this slow form of suicide, but there seems to b…