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"Vinyasa: A Toast to the Beautiful"

They call Vinyasa Yoga the "Flow" alignment of both movement and breath: an almost pairing of the soul, if you will. It is through this practice over the last two weeks that I have come to know more about what I crave and love about this beautiful life (Nanikeola) and the honor of a more shifted awareness- "free breathing with sound".

I crave the transition between...everything. The un-pose. The sound between the breath...the pause in exhale               inhale. The space between where nothing is supposed to exist and yet our minds transition...our bodies move...and WE exist. The sound within the music...underneath each note..The invisible beautiful.

I crave moving through the wormhole and summoning a breath that is still learning to appear. The movement becoming absolutely mindless...the breath controlling...and yet releases...journeying through the asanas (poses), as One...connected as the Zen. Within and without. Here and NOw.

In with the…