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Thoughts on "Planetary Collective"

We belong as a continuation of space and exist in the system of all life. We are part of the cyclical energy that breathes this life through our veins and knows no boundaries between this matter and the matter of all nature. We cultivate mindfulness and gentleness in conjunction with lightless and ease. We begin as this.

We exist as the Whole exists. As life, flowing through the energy that created it, we understand the fluidity that nature brings forth. Like water, we adapt to our surroundings and are one with the physics of the natural realm. There is no beginning and no end. We flow with the gravitational beauty that surrounds us.

Returning to nature, we find the connection spark and we see this beauty that is always present around us, always flowing. Through the circle of time and timelessness we feel the bridge of space and nature. Life is energy that we breathe. Our breath is life that sustains life that sustains all life. We begin with the breathe and live as the tides. "…