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Jet-Lagged and Loving It

It is 4am and I am wide awake in a seemingly other dimension after taking a nice cup of jetlagged English tea- oh the mysteries of travel!
Being in London after three short days has opened up a fun lens. The people here, although speaking English (not American English), seem to have such an amazing sense of time well lived engrained in their very “[h]Ello”. It amazes me to see how much they prize fashion here…the tall black boots and coats and scarves and leggings/black tights and heels and flawless skin. People in London have their own style, yet it appears a style in itself. Passengers on the underground Tube and on the famous double decker buses dress themselves as a pleasure and yet convenience in this Northern cold. The men done scarves and leather carrying cases with their leather boots and skinny jeans, peacoats, trendy designer hats…nowhere else have I seen people as fashionable as a whole. The women seem perfect in their imperfections and I envy the ease they portray their fem…