A Space of Light

buds and
blooms shafts, an
almost tendon-like rope
within human experience,
context; a space
we can see,
the space you can see
in me. A darkness
scorched, left
to ooze; blistery
shell. Uncovered
shards of light-
crystalline hope;
the fire of the

Allie Jo Dreadfulwater
January 5, 2019

Wim Hoff- Iceman: Superhuman

I was just introduced to this documentary and concept by my brother when I was on a trip to mainland Idaho. For the past couple of years my brother has been experimenting with different variations of cold water training and breathing exercises as described by Wim Hof to "bring [him] back to [his] inner nature; the way [he] was meant to  be". Wim Hof is famous for his cold water submersion training techniques that has been able to drastically influence his immune system's response to disease by going deep into the physiology of the body and mind to "bring back the control within yourself- to connect back with the body"; to go back to the source, the beginning, to happiness, strength, health and ultimately to radiate a good energy of what he calls "Love". I highly recommend taking time to review the energetic shift of Wim Hof's training: 40 minute documentary Storyline "At first glance Dutchman…


Sweet palms swaying
in play with the naked wind;
the fractal of sound.

Walls as Air

Escape the walls; mue
The substrate left to bind/
recreate the mind. An apple carefully chewed
And transferred
Bit by bit; a fiery enigma
of pain. Loathe not ourselves
Or the temporal fire,
For you are I and I am, too;
one space in Timeless hours.

Thoughts on "Planetary Collective"

We belong as a continuation of space and exist in the system of all life. We are part of the cyclical energy that breathes this life through our veins and knows no boundaries between this matter and the matter of all nature. We cultivate mindfulness and gentleness in conjunction with lightless and ease. We begin as this.

We exist as the Whole exists. As life, flowing through the energy that created it, we understand the fluidity that nature brings forth. Like water, we adapt to our surroundings and are one with the physics of the natural realm. There is no beginning and no end. We flow with the gravitational beauty that surrounds us.

Returning to nature, we find the connection spark and we see this beauty that is always present around us, always flowing. Through the circle of time and timelessness we feel the bridge of space and nature. Life is energy that we breathe. Our breath is life that sustains life that sustains all life. We begin with the breathe and live as the tides. "…

Unfinished Journals

It remains to be documented how the greatest of writers collect their thoughts. While I was in Edinburgh, Scotland I walked past the "Elephant House" where J.K. Rowling scripted the early books in the Harry Potter series- busy and not as "quaint" as I Oxford, the opposite incidence occurred after a half pint in C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien's "Eagle and Child" small English pub most famously known for housing discussions that prompted many of Lewis and Tolkien's most famous works. I am delighted to be traveling to New Zealand to view Hobbitland this December and continue to remain in awe at the occupation of writing as if I, too, could someday admit that it would be a marvelous way to spend the day indeed.

I like to believe that Jack Kerouac's "Dharma Bums" had it right- thoughts and books stored in stacks an…

"Vinyasa: A Toast to the Beautiful"

They call Vinyasa Yoga the "Flow" alignment of both movement and breath: an almost pairing of the soul, if you will. It is through this practice over the last two weeks that I have come to know more about what I crave and love about this beautiful life (Nanikeola) and the honor of a more shifted awareness- "free breathing with sound".

I crave the transition between...everything. The un-pose. The sound between the breath...the pause in exhale               inhale. The space between where nothing is supposed to exist and yet our minds transition...our bodies move...and WE exist. The sound within the music...underneath each note..The invisible beautiful.

I crave moving through the wormhole and summoning a breath that is still learning to appear. The movement becoming absolutely mindless...the breath controlling...and yet releases...journeying through the asanas (poses), as One...connected as the Zen. Within and without. Here and NOw.

In with the…