The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Goodreads Book Review: A view from beneath the Bell Jar....ghostly and exquisite.  Protruding in escape from illusion, Plath is unmatched in depth of process and stride. A poet within the prose....a life within the poem, within death.  I first read the paperback edition of this book back in 2015 and was instantly taken with Plath; her vision was something that I had never had before- her sight a veil beyond what I have ever been able to see. I was horrified with a force that struck at me, clung to me...and evolved into a respect that I still cannot explain. Sylvia Plath visited her way into my soul.  I recently picked this book back up this week after my friend, Jimbo, read and reviewed it and found similar parallels. We have discussed a few of her poems on our poetry blog, Read Good Poetry , the last couple years and are currently in the process of a slightly more in-depth study of the poetry included in her book of poems, Ariel. I would highly recommend this book as


Somnia Last night  the middle self strewn bare across the starry sky behind  my closed forehead.  I flew as the great  Blue Morpheus!  Eating  enough dust to  preen my scales and tidy the Wind; Essence of Ajna. by Allie Jo Dreadfulwater July 17, 2020 Authorʻs Notes: Chidakasha Son of Sleep Blue Morpho Butterfly,the%20backs%20of%20their%20wings%2C%20which%20reflect%20light.

Moon Slices

The Escape; chiseling white Moon slices at Dawn. by Allie Jo Dreadfulwater August 10, 2019 [in response to Infinite Jest, D.F.W.]

Pre-Void; an Oasis

Forerunner: -Reduce as many negative factors as possible; least amount of stress -A close proximity to a comfortable bed, air conditioning, comfortable bathroom -Introduce only a small amount of unknowns; less time wasted on external factors -Emergency Contact person- JPA -Keep in contact, ask questions, work through feelings  Touchstones: -Do not make too swift of movements especially from lying to upright -Conserve energy as much as possible -Stay still for as long as you can; it does wonders -You may feel tricked by flashed of energy, but if you exert it will put tremendous strain on your ability to continue -Free time to yourself to learn about how you react to your first fast -Hold off on anything pleasurable as long as possible such as showering  -Remove/minimize products that are not whole-based or organic or just in a very clean form -Focus on one thing a day and go deep into it; stretching, massage, meditation, spa, acupuncture, orthopedic adjust

Notes Beforehand.

A certain amount of space has slowly been adopting a surface area within my mind to start to allow a journey into the deeper parts of the Self. To a place where unresolved emotion, memory, physical pain and the human condition have created a certain amount of blockage in present moment awareness that hinders the ability to relate in a perspective that is most positive, helpful and purposeful. This next journey into the Self has been chosen in balance to this very condition to gradually create the best possible environment to open, expand, empty...lighten...and simplify all that is needing to be heard within the body, mind and soul. Today acknowledges the start to a deeper perplexity of what it means to feel attachment to all things relating to the physical body and of the mind. Today begins the first 4 days of pre-fasting ritual to eliminate dietary food from the body for a total of 7 calendar days. The protocol is as follows: [Remove all meat, dairy, alcohol & caffeine from diet

Fasting 101 with Dr. Antonio Soler from Truth North Health Center: podcast with Nimai Delgado

Image "Intermittent fasting has been a miraculous health practice for centuries. But only recently are we rediscovering the cleansing power that fasting has for the body and mind. Today, Nimai is joined by Dr. Antonio Soler of TrueNorth Health Center, where he helps people manage illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and more through diet and lifestyle changes that detoxify the body. Through his work and study, he has uncovered the massive benefits of fasting as a cleansing practice. In this episode, you’ll hear the science behind intermittent fasting, how to build muscle through fasting, and why fasting could solve issues like mental illness. As you dive in with Nimai and Dr. Antonio Soler, get ready to learn how to execute a fast to its full potential, helping the body go through its natural cleansing operations to get rid of useless fats, materials,