Fasting 101 with Dr. Antonio Soler from Truth North Health Center: podcast with Nimai Delgado

"Intermittent fasting has been a miraculous health practice for centuries. But only recently are we rediscovering the cleansing power that fasting has for the body and mind. Today, Nimai is joined by Dr. Antonio Soler of TrueNorth Health Center, where he helps people manage illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and more through diet and lifestyle changes that detoxify the body. Through his work and study, he has uncovered the massive benefits of fasting as a cleansing practice.
In this episode, you’ll hear the science behind intermittent fasting, how to build muscle through fasting, and why fasting could solve issues like mental illness. As you dive in with Nimai and Dr. Antonio Soler, get ready to learn how to execute a fast to its full potential, helping the body go through its natural cleansing operations to get rid of useless fats, materials, and harmful products. You’ll even hear how to go to the next level and use water-fasting to generate healthy recovery. So listen now to get a full knowledge of fasting and how you can start using it today."

“The body needs to be very efficient.”
-Dr. Antonio Soler

4:29 - Who is Dr. Antonio Soler and what evidence he saw that convinced him of the plant-based wholistic methods of medicine
14:23 - Discover the power of intermittent fasting for ailments like diabetes, obesity, and mental illness
26:33 - How to get the results of the Keto diet without the harmful components of the Keto diet
33:23 - The #1 reason why cleansing your body through fasting could get rid of chronic headaches, manage diabetes, and more that will radically change your life
45:41 - Cleanse the body, build muscle, and decrease inflammation with Dr. Antonio’s secrets to fasting while exercising
55:50 - The effect of fasting on hypoglycemia, your metabolism, and why you shouldn’t use juice to supplement
1:04:44 - 1-Week guide to weaning off your fast and when an extended fast warrants supervision
1:17:11 - How to properly execute a water fast without hurting your body and mindset
1:24:33 - Why fasting could create miracles in your life and how you can get involved with the fasting and plant-based movement with Dr. Antonio Soler

Podcast notes by Nimai Delgado of Generation V


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