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"The First and Last Freedom"

Is to embrace what is.
To free ourselves from all belief, memory,
structure, habitual human securities, and to live moment to moment,
living Truth as we go. Discovering Truth anew, and yet feeling it continue to flow...
and accepting that the desire to remain secure is no longer a threat.
We must experience our Truth every day, every moment and know that it will change.
The Truth we knew yesterday is not the same truth we know today and will not be the
same truth we will come to live tomorrow.

Frankl and a trodden camp.
McCandless and a blue bus.
Kerouac and a traveled road.
Thoreau and a cabin.

All so present. All so free...of the constructs of the mind.
And with this, the Truth remains untold, yet lived, lived and yet waiting to tell
where the layers of the mind will start to peel and become anew: