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To Become a "Light"er Traveler

I have always fancied at the notion of being a one-suitcase kind of Journeywoman.  One backpack complete with passport, cash, a few random clothes and underwear, something to read and a small snack and water for sustenance and you are Off to quite an array of destinations- healthy blood sugar levels included.  But of course, that's never how it used to work with me (or most women for that matter). 

Boy do I have news for I was classicly cruising down Keahole Drive with a recently purchased pineapple sticking discontortantly out of my backpack as my designed-for-all-island-wear sundress (my one answer to random clothes that work well in warm-weather can honestly wear them ANYWHERE that requires clothing) was flittering up around my the tops of my knees, I realized, looking down at the Nalgene crammed in the registration compartment of my 'Ped' and feeling the weight of everything (save a scoop of laundry detergent and maybe one gallon of gasoline) …

Ivy Life: Connecting Movement through Growth

An argument for the holistic philosophy of human movement: human life as "more than the sum of its parts" (Twietmeyer).  In contrast to the materialistic and dualistic methods set out by other professionals in physical education to better understand the meaning behind movement, this holistic philosophy argues that "motion is the means by which things remain activity whole".  Expanding this holistic philosophy, movement should perhaps be viewed as and understood as the RELATIONSHIP or connection between the body and soul; the very ivy of fibers that entangle the human consciousness to the physical realm, one in which Life seems to be embodied (no explanation needed...I absolutley love this).

From  birth we have learned to grow through movement...through touching and grabbing and crawling and eating we explore the world around us.  "To be human is to to Move!"  To not move is to many primitive cultures realized through both biological and psycholo…


Sui generis
Gracing the earth of my skin Snowflake fingerprints

"You Can't Step in the Same River Twice" but if it happens a second time it will happen a third time

I wonder the synergy between the flow perspective and our present reality. How is this space between atoms (that at times seems to be a sea of visible circles ten inches in spherical diameter ridden through like Tron in a ball pit) created in our consciousness and what keeps it available for our curiosity and exploration?At the other end of the Ego spectrum, is there perhaps an available consistency in this anti-Ayn Rand psychology that we will soon be able to embrace more readily?
As the world seems to both slow and rotate in a motion felt surprisingly in sync with our accepted state of mind through this state of flow our “energy of atoms” in the Gas-Molecule system seems to respond more naturally and attentively to the details in which true attention demands to be drawn (and in which positive seduction is biologically linked).A certain disconnect from what we were taught to know as Truth in exchange for the moments in which our human freedoms now carry their life is thus reached.Mus…

Through Form; Emptiness

In the broth of our Structure
There is a large square Blistering our cupped hands; Heaven on a slant of colored light. Insomuch- a Fast to the Old Soul Feeling the emptiness of each Crevene… Cliffs that we called Reason; A passage into our Own mind. Reciprocate the form.

Salt Water Rainbow

As a dew morning deep                  In the Valley of the Bears,
   Here, too,
        Inhalation fills me
With a liquid dust;
            Original Adam; Darwin seedlings.
         And the salt remains, evolving
   Our bones after

The Never Death

An outline in a world of atoms;
Primordial cells.
What am I, but I?
What am I, but We.

Movement Playgrounds

The invitation to Play; how completely burden-less a venture.“We play not because we have to, but because we want to” (Kretchmar). The most free form human motion available to our senses and capacity…seen most currently in the energetic six year olds I have had the privilege to coach this last week in i9 basketball camp.The untouched sincerity seen between the hardwood and their “play” is absolutely remarkable.“[No sooner they look…but they love…!]” Upon intermissioned water breaks on our scheduled charting of hydration, the ‘play’ that once was has been, returns to my story, and I too become a Child of the World yet again, staring austerely into the orange rim as if it were a hundred feet wide…my fingertips a cannon into which my aim upon the open sea, a trivial pursuit in the Whole of circumstance, yet somehow it matters all the more…Play: it is what we do in human form when we do not hide from being Alive.

"Go Play a Video Game..." L.Del Rey.