Ivy Life: Connecting Movement through Growth

An argument for the holistic philosophy of human movement: human life as "more than the sum of its parts" (Twietmeyer).  In contrast to the materialistic and dualistic methods set out by other professionals in physical education to better understand the meaning behind movement, this holistic philosophy argues that "motion is the means by which things remain activity whole".  Expanding this holistic philosophy, movement should perhaps be viewed as and understood as the RELATIONSHIP or connection between the body and soul; the very ivy of fibers that entangle the human consciousness to the physical realm, one in which Life seems to be embodied (no explanation needed...I absolutley love this).

From  birth we have learned to grow through movement...through touching and grabbing and crawling and eating we explore the world around us.  "To be human is to to Move!"  To not move is to die...as many primitive cultures realized through both biological and psychological means (but do not forget- it is perhaps the connection or RELATIONSHIP betwen the two that determines human consciousness, human Life).

Flow. Play. Zen. Poetry. Movement. Life. Cosmo(s). Thoughts between.  The ivy relationships of...I do love. "Perhaps I will love thee better after death!" E.B.B. (what a gem she does embrace).



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