Bus 142: Alaska Bound, Alaska Found

In Christianity, the beginning of Time was birthed by the choice of man; man choosing knowledge, choosing power over the own Creation of his soul.  As this choice was made, the closing of our spiritual eyes and the beginning of Time became our reality.  Thus Time, or “a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present to the future” was born.  We must wonder what the world looks like without the restrictions of Time…

Spiritual leaders who have originated in all walks of life, such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, and countless others, allow us to realize the immensity in which life connects itself to all other life.  (There must be a reason why all good ideas are repeated over and over and over again through classic literature, theatre, motion picture, our own minds…they have always, and will always Exists.  We in turn are only able to look at them in different groupings, different light, different Time.  This is why friends are often our angels of Light- more to come later on this).  People from all different cultures, timelines, races and walks of life are able to experience glimpses of this same force that Adam and Eve denied, if only for split seconds (see the Thought Between the Thought).  Since then, the search to remain connected to the Source by which all Life flows begins every single day.  We are striving to become what we were Born as: an expression of the force of Life in conjunction with all other forces of the same Life.

Daniel Quinn distinguishes this moment of choice as the separation of mankind.  There are Takers, or people who advance with the reality that mankind is creating and living, and then there are Leavers who accept Life how it is has always been and always will be and live within the Creation.  We must ask ourselves, in which does our daily life operate?  In present society, Time owns the world as its Rat Race.  I cannot accept that we will all die as rodents.  There is most certainly more.

Every single person lives within their own reality of this Life.  They are the “Gardeners of theirs Soul” (James Allen), they are the “artists of their Masterpiece” (John Wooden)…only we have control over the reality in which we choose to live.  We do not have to accept that Time will always restrain us.  It does not restrain plants, nor animals, nor ocean around us in which we share atoms of life.  It is only Man’s Creation.  In our minds: “Only perfection exists” (Michael Ruiz).  “When we open our spiritual eyes we are able to see the Simplicity of Life” (Michael Ruiz).  In Walden, Henry David Thoreau, as Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless, come to live in this Simplicity because they gave themselves the reality in which to do so.  They attempted to separate themselves from the bounds of Time: Thoreau in his world within the cabin and its surroundings and McCandless in his adventure to the Alaskan wilderness (notice how little money played a part in both of their lives, clue?).

Every single day, Time makes an appearance on our lives.  We grow older, we acquire things, we acquire knowledge, we acquire Baggage.  And until Man as a Whole is able to open its spiritual eyes, we will continue to Gray.  But it all starts with the opening of Our eyes.  In our Masterpiece of Life.  Let us live as Thoreau in Simplicity, as Jesus in Love, as “Alexander Supertramp” in abandoned bus, and as Ourselves, as we were Meant to Be; Leavers in this surmountable Way that has always been and always will be.


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  3. I am beginning to believe that Enlightment speaks solely for itself. We need not wonder how to approach the world with it because living in this state of mind, or venturing into the realm that it contains, lives for us...allows other people to see it without needing consent with our words...although to those who share a common strain, much thought is able to be induced into the matter of such. There must be a period of learning and a period of living. Hopefully overlapping somewhere in between. As McCandless was still learning...Thoreau lived and taught....as Emerson...as John Muir (looked him up this morning, wonderful naturalist)...

    I do believe Thinkers are entitled to some degree of teaching, though in what form, I am only beginning to discover.

    As for quantum theory, I would invite fifty walks with you to discuss further. It does intrigue me so...the Space Between will never grow old...literally :)

    Oh what a wonderful mind evolving in You. Thank you. Always in contemplation.

  4. It is to this Brave New World that Jem responds, as John in Huxley's story. What a wondrous feeling...being free of the man-made rule! What then must we become if not by sheer evolution of the mind. Come visit Oahu and you will know...

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  5. That got me...Enlightenment is being able to learn from all...life thus cosmic bodies thus nature thus humans thus animals thus atom. Remarkable.

    Yes, of course, we do live in a connected world where this isand is one among many in which I feel live does thrive...it just happened to coincide with the proper dimension at this time to do so. Does not Time thus timing have a separate effect in the order of man, or does it perhaps rule all?

    Ghandi, yes...and I forgot Mohammed...our Boise friends would not be to pleased. We shall keep exploring.

  6. I think your blog is pretty awesome. I'll have to read it more later. I'm too tired now and I have to wake up to teach in less than 5 hours. But i wanna play philosophy too!

  7. Please...a Thinker is always highly welcome to Philosophize if the moment presents itself in burning form. The thoughts that you MUSt say, the fire to a curious man's soul!


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