To Become a "Light"er Traveler

I have always fancied at the notion of being a one-suitcase kind of Journeywoman.  One backpack complete with passport, cash, a few random clothes and underwear, something to read and a small snack and water for sustenance and you are Off to quite an array of destinations- healthy blood sugar levels included.  But of course, that's never how it used to work with me (or most women for that matter). 

Boy do I have news for I was classicly cruising down Keahole Drive with a recently purchased pineapple sticking discontortantly out of my backpack as my designed-for-all-island-wear sundress (my one answer to random clothes that work well in warm-weather can honestly wear them ANYWHERE that requires clothing) was flittering up around my the tops of my knees, I realized, looking down at the Nalgene crammed in the registration compartment of my 'Ped' and feeling the weight of everything (save a scoop of laundry detergent and maybe one gallon of gasoline) I needed to survive for a few weeks on my back and the fresh breath of air going into my lungs and mind...I noticed that somewhere between small town Idaho, where my grandfather taught us to pack at least 5 gallons of water, snowboots and a heavy jacket and flashlight in the trunk of our cars at all times, to Winery Walla Walla, where the Fighting Warrior's Team Bus had to compartmentalize all of our hefty game gear (of course I always took one pair of shoes for the first half of the game and another even more flashy pair for the second half of the game- "Why not?" I thought, when I have twenty pairs to show off in my closet even if the idea presented is actually more advantageous for the duration of healthy feet) coolers of food and water and sports medicine equipment, to Lewiston where I had obtained a library larger than Lewis-Clark State's at the foot of my bed (I would sleep with books, use books as plates (ok, I still do that...), use books for doorstops and stepladders, etc., to Boise where the term "Graduate School" makes people believe you are lobbying for Forest Reduction (not fuels reduction like a normal environmentalist...I mean the opposite of friendly!) with the amount of printed reading material assigned for research.... a pineapple abruptly sticking out of my backpack (did I mention the scar it left on the back of my neck?) as my sundress blows in the wind on my Ped in the sun on Keahole Drive with fresh air in my lunges and mind...noticing that I had indeed finally become a Light(er) Traveler.  Cheers to Wormholes and Mopeds.

P.s. "if the speed of light is exactly 299,792,458 mps, what's the speed of dark?"


  1. I've tried soo hard not to comment on this damn "online thought book", but you went and pulled the SCIENCE card. You know me all too well.

    Ugh... here we go. First, killer youtube source. May I share?

    Before asking about the "speed of darkness" (clever), you have to look into relativity. Imagine watching a sprinter pass you as you are walking. From your perspective, the sprinter is moving very fast! However, from the sprinter's perspective, you are moving very slow (if not completely stationary). This effect applies to time in the Theory of Relativity:

    Weird, right? So what does that mean on a macro-scale? How does that affect US?? Observe the Twin Paradox:

    So objects with greater ABSOLUTE motion exist in SLOWER time! If you want to live a longer life, move more and move faster!!

    Now let's switch to another mind-blaster...Quantum Theory. Because light exists as both a wave and particle (as your posted video explains), it exhibits strange behaviors. Imagine a lightbulb shining onto two narrowly seperated slits... The light passes through the slits and creates two NEW sources of light, which counteract each other and create an "interference pattern". This pattern should only occur for a large amount of photons, but, to science's bewilderment, it still happens with a laser beam (a single-file line of photons)! How?! The answer is that a single particle can exist in TWO PLACES AT ONCE (Walk To Remember?!)! Check out this video (bear with me on the narrator's voice):

    Okay, so if observation determines reality, how does this apply to the macro-scale? Again, how could this affect our daily lives?! Observe Schrodinger's Cat:

    So if reality can only be determined by concsious observation, what is consciousness?? And what is REALITY!? It's not a question for the simple-minded to be sure... and explanation evades even the most abstract minds.

    1. That is remarkable. "Who is observing us?" As in the example of Schrodinger's favorite. For it appears to explain the theory of relativity and "what happens to the choice we never chose" as well as Nicholas Sparks Walk. The YouTube connection is did we not stumble across this before?

      So many thoughts on this conscious reality. It interests me to view the personified "God" in this manner as well...with us inside the box like the Cat. It changes EVERYTHING. As well as the Creation vs. Big Bang theory

    2. I remember you explaining the gravitational forces of earth and how Time slows down the further away you get...thus the Twin Einstein growing older on Earth than in wild is this when you think of this in terms of our electron theory and a supposed "time Travel" in general. Do we perhaps take for granted our current perception of Time? Can it indeed change with an altered motive (ex, understanding atomic law?) so that we, the observer become the force of change that sees something different because our 'seeing' changes everything?

  2. You'll have to copy and paste the youtube links into your URL bar.

    And now you know my secret identity. So be it.

  3. Ah. Failed to realize the musical nature of this post. My bad.

    1. Are you reading my blog with more than five senses again? :)

  4. I rented this from Redbox the other day, quite 'relative' eh?:

    1. Have you come across the Genesis Code in your science ventures by chance?

  5. This was my idea!!!! Please tell me you remember this!!! Granted, I may not have done as good a job of explaining as the professional actors and cinematographers, but dammit, this was mine!!

    Let me elaborate with my own piece since most of the thunder has been sucked away...

    So, as the Genesis Code explains, time exists at a much slower rate with the addition of gravity ("time dilation" they called it). At the very beginning of creation, when there was only empty space, time existed infinitely fast ("God's Time")... Does this not perfectly explain Heaven? Heaven is a theoretical state of masslessness where time runs on God-speed; time exists infinitely fast as eternity (ETERNAL LIFE!).

    Do you remember how quickly time used to fly-by when we were together? And do you remember the idea that GOD is LOVE? It's easy to relate the two, as LOVE is simply tapping into that massless state; God-time. TIME EXISTS AT A FASTER RATE IN THE PRESENCE OF LOVE--SOMETHING ENTIRELY ETHEREAL and MASSLESS.

    If I need to stamp a copyright on this, I will. Just remember you heard it from COSMO. Not youtube.

  6. One simple correction if I may- I know we've talked about Heaven being an absense of Time altogether, not infnite time. Does this still hold true to scientific theory, or does Time have to exist in some form, slow or fast, for the Genesis Code to hold?

    Love, Heaven, The Whole (God)...exists in this "lack of Time" realm of, I guess you could say...altered consciousness, right? So instead of thinking in terms of speed and mass, is there a way to think in terms of conscious and un within the same standard? If Love exists in a higher state of consciousness, one that, I would argue destroys the concept of Time altogether so that in our present reality the concept of "speed" is there a certain bridge between the altered perspective, lack of time and Masslessness that most readily explains COSMO theory? Consider it Copy

    1. I think I understand... so time, 4th dimension, is completely independent of height, width, and depth (the other 3 dimensions). Therefore a 5th dimension (perhaps LOVE) could be independent of the 4th dimension; time. Sort of what you're getting at?

      It's just easy to explain in terms of time (for me anyway) because time is something so easily observed. Once you leave time and space out of the picture, the abstract thought is harder to mentally prove. Faith takes over.

    2. A correction to your correction if I may:

      We aren't talking about "infinite time" as in a ultra-long period of time. We are talking about an "infinite RATE of time". They are different ideas.

      Let me explain mathematically. Rate (or "speed" or "velocity") is defined as distance traveled (or total displacement of time in this case) divided by total elapsed time. So you get the formula:


      In order for the rate to be inifinite, you must divide by an increasing small amount of time. So as time gets closer and closer to ZERO, rate becomes infinitely larger. Of course, mathematically time can never equal zero for this equation (cuz you can't divide by zero) but theoretically, at that moment before the Big Bang, time=0 and the rate of time was infinite (GOD's TIME). So yes, we did explain Heaven as the state of absent time, but it's also the state of infinite RATE of time. Confusing myself...

    3. Tablerock would make this dimension of conversation so much easier. Thank you for the correction...I understand the observable behavior of Time, the "Cosmo" trademarked Genesis Code (what are you calling it?) is indeed a more clear working convo piece. You know me and the 5th dtimeimension...Heb 11:1 takes over...

      If an infinite rate of Time explains the beginning of Time (which is quite the Paradox of this idea), then where does the Absense of Time begin? :) Hooah.

    4. Dub that Up:


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