Monday, January 27, 2014

Casey Neistat- "Doin' it Right"

           Enough education- let us start blinking on the radar for change!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule

In his book, Outliers, Malcom Gladwell references a study by Anders Ericsson (see link below) to support his thesis on people who work toward success and greatness in their lives. Throughout his research, Gladwell found that the most prominent crossover relating these peoples' success was 10,000 hours of time spent in "deliberate practice and coaching" within their field of study.

Sometimes I feel as though this time spent perfecting our craft separates us from those who are not. On the other hand, I have to believe that this calm before the storm or the preparation before the fight in the expert in all of us does allow an "Outlying" vantage point in which we are able to more aptly contribute to societal gaps. We are living somewhere between 1 and 10,000 hours...

Last week I came across a similar idea in a TED talk by Jane McGonigal, founder of Gameful whose secret mission is to change the world through gaming (see link below). She speaks on Gladwell's theory of the 10,000 hour rule and describes how gamers in the world today, especially in the World of Warcraft, are now becoming "experts" in the world of gaming often by the age of 18. But the question she poses is what exactly are they becoming experts in?

McGonigal suggests that if we spend more time researching different ways that we can make gaming and these expert gamers a part of our world-changing push, we can discover a whole sector of society that could be used for possibly a greater purpose. Interesting huh? So the next time you go over to your friend, sibling, or boyfriend/husband's house and they are parked in their gamer chair just think about them wearing a superhero mask and fighting the bad guys with one game at a helps :) You just might decide to play yourself (or choose Brain Games, Bejeweled, or Tetris instead!)

P.S. What are you becoming an expert in?


The Making of an Expert:
Ericsson, Anders K.; Prietula, Michael J.; Cokely, Edward T. (2007). "The Making of an Expert". Harvard Business Review (July–August 2007).

Gaming Can Make a Better World:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

When in Doubt...

What makes the present moment so desirable is that it is not a memory nor a future. In order to feel alive within it we must BE in it.

As I sit here on the point of Hanauma Bay Crater with the sun on my thoughts and the waves in my senses it is apparent why the present moment can not be summoned like a memory. With each new passing of time the present moment is both born and killed...yet remains to exist between this very gap (like the thought between). In it no emotion, thought or knowledge seems likely to survive…only our connection with its unwritten energy. Might this ability to exist within be what defines “being alive”?
Human beings are quite possibly the only life force that dwell in three different frames: memory, present, and future. Animals and vegetation, although granted a similar biological clock, have a different awareness of time (I have ever seen a dog with a conscious 3”x5” notecard to-do list or a flower that is fretting over its last pollination partner) as do the forces of nature. How is it that this life we so preciously call our own is spent mostly outside of this flow experience with mere glimpses, like that which I experience today, to tease us? Where do our tendencies to plan and record, calculate and analysis fit into our lives when they seem so foreign to the present moment, yet so akin to our human minds and know-how?  Should an immediate ban on notecards (for thinkers) and picture albums (for keepers) be in order? Or, does the art in the making of this masterpiece involve like most things beautiful, a scale that contains a greater balance between the two?
Might we Zen like the flowers Zen, or at least place ourselves in a position to get some sun, water and proper pollination? Let us Go Outside to flower, or go where we go to flow...even if this means Battlefield + Xbox One. Report...NOW!