Movement Playgrounds

The invitation to Play; how completely burden-less a venture.  “We play not because we have to, but because we want to” (Kretchmar). The most free form human motion available to our senses and capacity…seen most currently in the energetic six year olds I have had the privilege to coach this last week in i9 basketball camp.  The untouched sincerity seen between the hardwood and their “play” is absolutely remarkable.  “[No sooner they look…but they love…!]” Upon intermissioned water breaks on our scheduled charting of hydration, the ‘play’ that once was has been, returns to my story, and I too become a Child of the World yet again, staring austerely into the orange rim as if it were a hundred feet wide…my fingertips a cannon into which my aim upon the open sea, a trivial pursuit in the Whole of circumstance, yet somehow it matters all the more…Play: it is what we do in human form when we do not hide from being Alive.

"Go Play a Video Game..." L.Del Rey.


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