"You Can't Step in the Same River Twice" but if it happens a second time it will happen a third time

I wonder the synergy between the flow perspective and our present reality.  How is this space between atoms (that at times seems to be a sea of visible circles ten inches in spherical diameter ridden through like Tron in a ball pit) created in our consciousness and what keeps it available for our curiosity and exploration?  At the other end of the Ego spectrum, is there perhaps an available consistency in this anti-Ayn Rand psychology that we will soon be able to embrace more readily?

As the world seems to both slow and rotate in a motion felt surprisingly in sync with our accepted state of mind through this state of flow our “energy of atoms” in the Gas-Molecule system seems to respond more naturally and attentively to the details in which true attention demands to be drawn (and in which positive seduction is biologically linked).  A certain disconnect from what we were taught to know as Truth in exchange for the moments in which our human freedoms now carry their life is thus reached.  Must our present reality be altered in order for the flow state to emerge or is the flow state perhaps the reality in which the world can be perceived most readily within the individual, thus creating a new Truth by which all other perspectives are now based?

Remarkable in all explanation and contemplation no formula, per say, exists for flows sustenance and sustainability (except perhaps inducing a more Present-way of life…i.e. encorporating movement, Nature, Love, Art, Music…etc).  Perhaps most perfectly left unanswered, this flow almost seems to exists for a secret life in which the foundation of these human freedoms becomes most readily available…where everything makes Timeless-sense...where a “near-life experience” is reached.  Even if you aren’t a hippie.  Or Pocahontas.


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