Notes Beforehand.

A certain amount of space has slowly been adopting a surface area within my mind to start to allow a journey into the deeper parts of the Self. To a place where unresolved emotion, memory, physical pain and the human condition have created a certain amount of blockage in present moment awareness that hinders the ability to relate in a perspective that is most positive, helpful and purposeful. This next journey into the Self has been chosen in balance to this very condition to gradually create the best possible environment to open, expand, empty...lighten...and simplify all that is needing to be heard within the body, mind and soul. Today acknowledges the start to a deeper perplexity of what it means to feel attachment to all things relating to the physical body and of the mind. Today begins the first 4 days of pre-fasting ritual to eliminate dietary food from the body for a total of 7 calendar days. The protocol is as follows:

[Remove all meat, dairy, alcohol & caffeine from diet]- do not apply

4 year Plant-Based Vegan Diet- the following schedule is recommended to slowly prepare the body for the removal of food:

1. Pre-fast, Day 1: Remove all processed & artificial foods, proteins, vinegars, kombucha
    *Encourage eating of high fiber foods such as beans, nuts, seeds
    *Can keep supplements, essential oils and herbal teas at this point

2. Pre-fast, Day 2: Remove all beans, nuts, seeds
    *Encourage eating of complex carbohydrates with less fiber, sweet potato, wild rice, oats

3. Pre-fast, Day 3: Remove all complex carbohydrates
    *Encourage eating of nutrient-dense vegetables

4. Pre-fast, Day 4: Remove all high nutrient vegetables, supplements and essential oils
   *Encourage eating high fat foods, avocado, coconut fat, oils
   *Perform oil-pulling + consumption

5. Pre-fast, Day 5: Remove all high fat foods
    *Encourage eating of whole fruits

6. Pre-fast, Day 6: Remove all solid foods
    *Encourage fresh & pure vegetable juice, fruit juice, herbal teas

7. Fasting Day 1-7: Water only
    *Consume 100% spring water, naturally alkaline, high in minerals, negative oxidative potential
    *Continue for desired time frame

Notes: due to the nature and timing of the fast the following pre-fast days can be combined:
Days 1 + 2
Days 3 + 4
Days 5 + 6

I am choosing to follow 4 full days of pre-fasting and will following this schedule:
Day 1
Day 2 + 3
Day 4 + 5
Day 6

Purpose, Meaning and Intent:
To open fully to the awareness of Presence; to feel Nothingness. To strip away want. To find Need. To become more Simple. To refrain from Escape [D.F.W.].


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