Somewhere Within the Rainbow

There are moments in this life when our destined confusion subsides a gap for clarity beyond repair.  Spaces in time where the compiled moments of the Past and Present flow become connected, almost bridged-within one would say, in a way where human language no longer has the authority to transcend descriptive meaning.  Moments where the timing of light, appearance, and soul-structured phenomena indeed appear to be guided by an Invisible Hand of which we can only fully live to explore…it is to these moments in which faith knows its existence and continuation…for “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” seems like the only explanation worth offering.

Over the past few months of contemplative awareness, my mind has blown into these gaps far more frequently than ever before.  Oh!  How the drifting of gas molecules contains me so…for when appearing in our minds as a Rainbow of Light in the morning storm when Enlightenment is most serene, we must wonder if this Invisible Hand is not on our side after all…or maybe Within us All…Within the Rainbow.  As One.  As All.


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  2. Printably Thought Book Worthy and Wonderful.
    Great find T.S.!

    Did you know UH used to be known as the Hawaiian Rainbow Warriors...thus the Haka Dance. I'm thinking they need to go back to the rainbow logo instead of the jagged H. Although they would still get crushed by Boise State either way :)


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