Shouldering the Curve

Upon prior investigation into the realm of the human mind on motivation, a table has turned.  For some, a cliche rising of motion propelled forward to a "betterment" is what best drives our decisions of every day life.  Discipline, clear goals, ambition, the works...for others (in passing conversation), the motivation to do "absolutely nothing" (to make enough money to be able to "sit" on) takes the helm.  ("What about the people who make money to help people?"). Although, tending to fall in the prior category of allusion, I must question whether or not the purpose behind the forward drive of mankind (of choosing a self-propelled internship over a Peace Corps assignment- where the helping of people is both immediate and self gratifying at the same time) is not in some way inching toward the peak of the mountain where the other slope downward will soon start.  I fail to believe that success takes on this slow form of suicide, but there seems to be a breaking point at which this peak occurs.  How high (and will we be needing our cold weather climbing equipement?) is too high?  And how must we define reasoning behind our purpose for doing so (why do we feel the need to take self-gratification out of the not the pursuit of Life both for improving ourselves and those around us a noble cause?)?  We must have balance.

Control is not always the best option for a Free Mind.


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