7 Layer Dip + Fourth Dimensions

The layering of thoughts is so serenely chaotic.  On one hand, it leaves no room for space, or at least space utilized for the utilization of not (what is space? Space.).  On the other, it perhaps connects the many Electrons across this void of Time into which a thought may take place.  As time continues in a forward-like state of motion, there seems a slight conundrum of this order: without a Past, there would not exist a Future.  In the Present arena of Time, where we now undolefully resign our habitat of attention, we ARE.  We are Being.  (From the same strain of thought as this delightful word that most recently greeted me, “Isness”, it is most definitely remote, I really do love it).  As we are thinking on the Future, hopefully not for extended durations of this H.G. Wells Time Machine as it usually takes us (why must the Eloi always beg of us so?), we suddenly become inhibited with a Past…for it must carry over, pass by, in order for us to think on the Future.  Our Present is massacred, or put on hold (“In the Blink of an Eye”….tell me, what is sleep…what is death…??), and transitioned into the Past since we no longer are experiencing it.  Can this be so?  A Present  moment simply cannot BE if we are not IN it.

Furthermore…the layering of thoughts that this bafflement creates within our minds (or at least us Country Mice that doth not hail from the Big Apple where traffic is like Trees), may not necessarily be of needed descent.  Now, I have talked most specifically of the thoughts between thoughts…think of these as the shadows that a bridge creates as the smooth water slips slowly below.  The layering of our thoughts, shifted into the brutal chaos of turning our Present moment into the Past without it even existing would be the traffic on the bridge above…what nuisance this traffic contains, but oh what a brilliant shutter it does paint to the cross-sectioned Eye of the beholder.  Carry On Electrons.  I do say Carry On.



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