More on The Thought Between

The space that exists between our thoughts is where we become Present in each moment.  It is the time frame between our memories and our future.  It is where the Flow of the world thrives.  And it is where love in its purest form exists.

"The Gap Between Thoughts is where the mind stands still.  No thoughts exist in this space....Spiritual teachers tell us not just to recognize it, but to Be in It.  It is where your mind can experience present moment awarenes." -Evelyn Lim
What does it mean to know the spirituality of a wave, a sunset, a wind?  Are we as human beings able to consciously instigate this?   How does “Going Outside” (as well as music, art, poetry, human movement etc.) allow us to tap into this feeling that life feels like it aspires to?  Is Nature 'living' fully in the Present moment and Flow of life?  Are we not a part of this same Flow (the Whole: God)?

These moments are what allow us to se a power far greater than our collective imagination.These momentary glimpses of the miraculous are the potential of how life was meant to be, of what it can be.   These moments are the ones that Faith stands on…that Love never dies on.  “The Thought Between is You.” 


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