All We Need is Love (Electrons?)

Upon recent and past observation, love seems a domineering factor in the philosophy of the human mind.  There are many forms in which this appears to take place.  Romantic endeavor, the irreplaceable bond of the family unit, Platonic love, brotherly love, humanitarian love...or as the Greeks and C.S. Lewis likes to categorize: Storge, Philia, Eros, Agape (The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis)...the list goes on.  We have heard it all before.  Poets, historians, theologists, psychologists, philosophers, artists, musicians, knights in shining armor, etc.....all have, in one way or another, "studied" this phenomena through their own color wheel.  I think we can assume that love does indeed exist and in strong form.  But what exactly is it in this idea of love that allows it to resonate with all life?  I often joke that it is, indeed, our shared electrons that form the bond in which this occurs, the fuzzy little critters that seem to form the static shell around which love attempts to penetrate, abide by and I concur the answer to world peace might just be consciously SHARING MORE ELECTRONS! But what truly allows our minds and hearts to go into depths never before seen with this everyday occurrence of feeling connected to another the world, to the Whole of humanity and possible nature/animals?  Love forgives, love accepts, you can see it with the naked eye in observance of those around you and we are able to feel it through positive, negative and neutral means (there goes my answer for world peace...).  Neuroscience explains it as a biological reaction of oxytocin used to further our existence, but it is hard for me to believe that it stops there.  With love, our generation is carried on through the best possible scenario for offspring to survive, but without love in this Dream Within a Dream, would the beat of that heart that we know so well refuse to exist?  Poets have written on this topic for centuries, yet until we experience this vein of life ourselves, love seems simply the notion of Romantics, or is it?  What is love and why does it seem like such a vital, if not THE vital tool, to our existence?  Is love perhaps the soul?  Heaven? What is a soul? What defines heaven?  Keep your hearts open for more observation.


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