Noting the direct effect that an inch of a free mind has on the choices of each individual is both perplexing and utterly igniting.  How we, who when cut the same would both bleed, find ourselves upon this individual circumstance  and option of choice placed before us, for us, or by us, that no one else in the world can say that they know is absolutely inviting.  Where does the origination of each choice occur?  Through our creation of them?  Through our Grand Design?  Half of each and half of that?  What happens to the choices we never choose?

So many different forms of life are working within the network of these choices every single day. Decaf or non?  West Point or Peace Corps Africa?  Life or death?  How are we to ask what is meaning to one and then the other when each choice is backed by an origination from a different set of genes, childhoods, strengths, timing, and colors (“is my green the same as your green or do you see my blue and call it green?”)?  If our atoms are indeed taking on the shape of human form in order for our minds to function in an orderly manner, we might be able to assume that each choice we make has an effect on all other atoms in existence.  But how microscopic are we willing to go?  With who we decide to marry, what we ate for breakfast, each individual thought?  Every choice seems to have an endless domino effect branching out into the cosmos.  We as a society, form this chain reaction of vibration evey single day.  It is choice that separates us, but it is also choice that will bring us together.  Find your place in the Network.


  1. Another interesting thought Allie Jo, although I admit more relevant and personal than comfortable. Free will seems to be the defining characteristic of higher life. Trees cannot decide which direction to grow or how many leaves to produce (as far as we know), they just do it. So why do people spend so much time pondering what actions to take? Why can't we be more like trees and just DO?! Is it even possible for us to not plan or consider? Perhaps our cranial frontal lobe is more curse than gift.

    At times, a decision seems to present itself to you. Somehow, signs appear in life and show you possibilities... or people bump into your life at just the right time to nudge you in one direction. We are all molecules of gas in a container... we float around in one direction until we meet someone else and change course, sometimes taking that person with us and sometimes parting ways all together. Could something as small as a book, relevant to your life, or the timing of a house-sitting job in Paradise during an emotional difficulty be planned into life. Without getting too crazy, is there some all-knowing and all-seeing entity with a hand in our lives, nudging us in the right direction? Or do we create the reality we want to be real... do we try to find explanation for the things that cannot be explained?

  2. Perhaps it is our nature to ponder like it is the trees nature to BE, although I admit, if I fell down, my mind would make a sound even if nothing else did, where as a trees...we cannot know. Avatar has forever been engrained in my thoughts so it is hard to take a tree lightly.

    This is one of the most beloved feelings in the world: to have books find You. It never ceases to amaze me, and its perfect simplicity leads me to believe that there is, indeed a greater purpose in simple gesture than just the creation of minds in circumstance and timing as you say. We are all One as Simba's Circle of Life, thus the energy that creates decisions must be one as well?


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