Maunawili No Falls

Hiking through an endless tread of Hawaiian greenery along the Ko’olau Mountains in eastern Oahu this morning, I realized just how priceless allowing yourself to BE in the moment truly is.  As my hiking party and I attempted to find a seemingly long-forgotten trailhead (notorious sign-less Hawaii for you), being in good company and conversation allowed my usual frustration at such matters to pass .  As time wore on and we eventually found what we thought to be an arrow pointing us in the right direction (which eventually let us in another circle mind you) in the hot humid heat that makes your skin feel like moisturized fly paper as the beauty being magnified before my eyes upon this volcanic landscape made a mystery that held my gaze with penetrated prevalence.  It was as if I was in another world- an island of my saving grace…for there, looking at the Ko’olau peaks, it seemed that all this good we spend dreaming about really is able to come true.  So even though no waterfall was in my destination for today, but good company was (something I tend to take advantage of in my pursuit for American Glory)-(People create our realities), I learned that Life is not afraid to be Present.  And neither should we be.


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