Thursday, February 16, 2017

Running Form + Cadence

Today I tested my current running cadence at 83 right foot steps per minute. Danny Dreyer of Chi Running recommends a cadence of 85-90 right foot steps per minute based on your height and leg length. Shorter people should shoot for a cadence of closer to 90 steps per minute to increase running efficiency.

I could not figure out how to upload this straight to Blogger, so here is the link to my Instagram:

Chrys- where is yours starting at? Don't worry about video, but try to test one minute of regular running.

Basic Running Form:
-Stance tall- ears, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles in alignment
-Chin slightly tucked
-Pelvis neutral
-Gaze forward in line with spinal angle
-Slight lean forward- from the ankles
-Arms at 90 degrees
-Hands closer in front than elbows in back (pretend to hold a volleyball)
-Elbows do not come past ribcage, elbows drive back
-Foot strike is midfoot- no emphasis on any part of the foot, all should feel effortless
-All lower body muscles relaxed
-Feet relaxed (it is common to want to dorsiflex here)

Dreyer recommends the purchase of a metronome to aid in practicing cadence. If, for example, your cadence is 83 like mine tested today, a sample program to increase to a cadence of 90 right foot strikes is below:

Starting Cadence: 83
Week 1: set metronome to 83 (practicing stepping with beat)
Week 2: set metronome to 84
Week 3: set metronome to 85
Week 4: set metronome to 86
Week 5: set metronome to 87
Week 6: set metronome to 88
Week 7: set metronome to 89
Week 8: set metronome to 90

To Purchase: Neewer Lightweight Metronome from Amazon $10.85

Feel free to comment below on anything that I have missed :) I will be adding to the list as we learn more!

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