Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vegan Trial #1


Other than having the flu virus for the last 3 weeks which delayed my education in veganism, I have learned a tremendous amount about the vegan-style way of life. According to the International Vegetarian Union, "a vegan diet includes avoiding all animal products and their derivatives such as milk or milk powder, eggs, butter and honey" (

See link for "My First Vegan Grocery List" which is very helpful for starting Vegan-ers:

Foods in the "go":

1. All fresh fruit

2. All fresh vegetables

3. Whole wheat grains (must check! A lot of brands DO contain animal products)

4. Brown rice, pastas (egg-free: whole-wheat, spinach, rice, artichoke, tomato, etc.), sweet potatoes, quinoa, barley, millet, buckwheat, rye, etc. (still exploring here)

5. Beans/lentils/peas

6. Nuts & seeds (nut butters, flaxseed, chia, etc.)

7. Soybeans/soy substitutes

8. Water, water, water, water, water, infinity symbol!

9. Almond, coconut, soy, rice, oat milk

10. Earth Balance margarine

11. Vegenaise Mayo

12. Boca, Tofurky, Trader Joe's, Quorn, Luna Bars (still looking for more meal replacement products!)

13. Any food strictly labeled "vegan"

14. Olive oil

15. Some high fiber cereals (Kashi)

16. Tempeh (a cake-like soy-based product originally from Indonesia- still on the "to try" list)

17. Vegan supplements: B12, Vitamin D, possibly Calcium (easy to get through dark veggies and food)
18. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (1-3 Tbsp/day in 6 oz of warm water)

Interesting items that are NOT vegan:

1. Gelatin: Supplements that contain a gelatin capsule (made from animals)- must specify "vegan" on label

2. Honey: Bees= animals! Watch out for products that seem vegan, but contain this sweet source of animal product (my favorite almond honey butter :(- use Madhava Light Agave Nectar as a helpful substitute

3. Most alcohols (use to search vegan beer, wine, liquor- Yay! All Menage a Trois reds= vegan friendly :)

4. Chocolate...milk :)...sorry.

Questionable items:

1. BCAA's (branch-chained amino acids- although most are made in a lab, these are the building blocks of animal protein...hmmm)

Recent Vegan Foods I have tried from Whole Foods:

1. Vegan Iron Supplement (5 out of 5 stars)

2. RAW Meal Replacement (1 out of 5 stars...soooo gritty)

3. Ak Mak Sesame Crackers + Hummus (5 out of 5 stars)

4. Tofurky (0 out of 5 stars...never happening again)

5. Go Veggie! Cheese substitute (3 out of 5 stars...we can find something better!)

6. Madhava Light Agave Nectar (5 our of 5 stars!)

7. Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries (4 out of 5...yum!)

8. Barlean's Organic Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil (many flavors!) (5 out of 5)

9. Starfruit (4 out of 5 stars)

10. Organic Bananas (5 out of 5 stars- one food I will never buy not-organic again!)

11. Fresh Ground Almond Butter (5 out of 5 stars)

12. Hemp Seeds (4 out of 5 stars- even good to just snack on!)

Let the games continue!

P.S. My mother and father have been eating vegan for the past 10 days have seen their blood pressure return to normal, 8-10 lbs of weight loss, and energy level improvements. Check it out!


  1. This is... incredible. Have not tried it yet, but I think it has potential as a Cosmegan favorite:

    Wish I had a Hawaiian Guinea Pig (with access to whole foods and an interest in nutrition) to test it on...

    1. Did you finish the China Study? Every day I read another page I am more convinced that toxic-free living is a must-do with each approaching day...nutrients are only going to get more diluted with chemical influence. GO VEG./VEGAN GO!

    2. Some of the "meat" products are...interesting to think about. The Beyond Meat, Tofurky, etc. products...does chemically creating a product, thus making it vegan, not defeat the purpose of natural whole food eating? By avoiding the hormones and the toxins in animal products AND THEN trying to create a human-based imitation product make the case any better? Similar idea to cutting intake of cane sugar in your diet...but substituting for imitation sugar...any better? Maybe worse, but with good intentions? Hmmm...??

    3. That is a very good point. Never thought of that before. It's almost like saying "F you" instead of sounding out the other three letters. The message is the same regardless. (Does that follow?)

      Have not finished it yet, but I have a lot of reading time over the next 5 weeks. The next one on my list is The Food Revolution by John Robbins. --> Not only is veg./vegan better for the individual, it's better for society and the environment too.

    4. Completely random. But John Robbins named his son "Ocean". Doesn't have the same ring as "Porter" does, but I like it.

    5. Precisely. But then again...we humans always seem to be caught in the cause and effect of our own whirlwinds. I will try your Soy "Meat" Pasta with extra olives. P.s. I wonder what your grocery bill would be here in Hawaii. Does WP give you props for being such a cheap date?

    6. Just looked up Robbins. Food Revolution looks great, as does his newest Voices of Food Revolution- seem along the lines of this new product Isogenix that Deb G. from Axiom Boise (now Cali.) just recommended to me. Will send you the link when I get it from her.

  2. P.S. You need to get some publicity on this blog! Some good information here.

    1. Will continue to update...have been writing more in my journal...thinking more. It's a new season for E. Nanikeola! Wolf Smoke have any updates?

    2. Lol! I totally forgot I called my blog wolf smoke. How'd you let me get so weird? I think a piece may be in the works discussing the difficulty in following so many mediums of social media... But I haven't had time because I've been following so many mediums of social media.

  3. Because Cos, you simply Are...weird :) Wolf SMoke didn't sound too much out of the ordinary. Especially since you are the kind of person who leaves his phone and sleeps by campfire only telling a blonde where you are going. Lol...does Facebook, Pinterest, Linke'd In, Snapchat, StrengthCoach Podcast, TED and Blogger count?